Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Experience Bouchon! In none other than simply luxury aka Beverly Hills Style...

Mumtaz Marketing & Events produced the “Experience Bouchon” at the amazing Bouchon Bistro in Beverly Hills event this past March on behalf of the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce with just over 300 special guests.  It was an artistically delicious night of networking, a progressive culinary experiences featuring exclusive presentations by world known Chef Thomas Keller in the midst of french inspired Cirque performances and live music. 

Chef Thomas Keller showcased his amazing team of renowned chefs: Sebastien Rouxel, David Hands, Alen Ramos and Carolyn Ramos put together a night to remember for all foodies in attendance. Special thanks go to all of our sponsors, but we couldn't have done it without our top level sponsors: Wells Fargo, Rothstein Kass, Torrey Pines Bank, Mercedes-Benz, Ogara Coach's Rolls Royce & Bentley and Moet Chandon for sponsoring the event and contributing to its success.

The Mumtaz team was thrilled to have been a part of such a unique event...  it truly was one in a lifetime gig! From the start to finish, we had luxury, gourmet, interactive, and incredible...  What an exquisite night!
When you arrived, you were greeted by a line of Rolls Royce or Bentleys... Of course, we had to feature the Tiffany Blue Rolls - it sold that night! From there you had to pass the Step & Repeat where everyone was able to greet Chef Thomas Keller himself. And, yes our Mumtaz team even took a quick moment to get a quick shot! 
Upon entering the main space and after being greeted by our Cirque hosts and Paulin Paris, french artist extraordinaire, oh did you get your first glass of Moet Chandon sparkling... Please grab one of the many you'll have this evening!
As you started your journey with the main dining room and kitchen you were submersed in Bouchon... 

We also were entertained by none other than the fabulous Morganne! It was really a night for all senses - sound, smells, sights, felling, and tasting! 

We look forward to helping to produce the next Experience event in what will hopefully be an annual affair! Needless to say - topping this is going to be tough! 

PS - There were so many people to thank for putting their hands on this event - but a special shout out goes to Steve Cook! You completely rock! 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Mumtaz @ WTUI Conference 2013 San Diego!

The 2013 Western Turbine User Inc. Conference was a tremendous success and Mumtaz Marketing & Events had the privilege to be part of the logistics for yet another year. Mumtaz and the exceptional board along with 1,000+ attendees engaged in the full-time operation or maintenance of power plants could be found at the San Diego Convention Center this past March. It's a great conference with the standard general sessions, breakouts, but an incredible Exhibitor floor! Plus, the conference social activities are always a highlight (in any conference - it's a great way to create new relationships among attendees). We had a fabulous golf and tennis tournament, spouse tour of old town San Diego which was full of fun (Thank you Joyce!) and a fantastic sports bar themed Monday Night Reception with fun games and photo booths, which included the appearance of a couple of beautiful Laker Girls to make the experience complete. Definitely a worthwhile opportunity for all attendees to mingle while learning useful information in this field and having a great time!   

W.T.U.I Board Members, Jennifer & Gina of Mumtaz, and the Laker Girls at the Monday Night Event!
Thank you to Ron Rubin Events for the Laker Girls!  
W.T.U.I. Board Members greeting the guests at the Monday Night Event!  This has always been a great
way for them to let loose in the middle of the conference.  
Thank you to Plan It Interactive for some fun games, which had guests competing for most of the evening.  
J & M Entertainment Event Production - always a great source to work with for technical production,
 brainstorming and lots of fun!  
The spouse tour this year was a hit!  The ladies enjoyed themselves in Old Town San Diego and then enjoyed a nice relaxing afternoon at Casa Guadalajara with food and tasty margaritas!  
The Old Town San Diego tour wouldn't have been complete without Joyce, our wonderful
and knowledgeable tour guide.  
Our photographer, Joanna Herr of Herr Photography captured wonderful moments of the
W.T.U.I. board and of the event!  

The Mumtaz team always enjoy assisting in producing this conference. We are looking forward to next year's conference in Palm Springs! 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Finding Work Life Balance in a little White Water!

There is nothing more important than finding work life balance! It may not seem like it when you are in the midst of back to back deadlines and prospective meetings, but you've got to plan some time to scream, enjoy, and rejuvenate... And, that's what Mumtaz President & Director of Events did - they hit Kern County and did some white water rafting!

There's nothing like getting tossed from the boat in 40 degree water. LOL! Or watching your whole boat team go down the rapids! It was a riot and a must do...  Cheers!