Wednesday, December 4, 2013

It's really about Strategic Partnerships! In Full Effect @ IMEX America

The power of strategic partnerships! There's more to just networking and making new business relationships... In today's world it is really about creating a meaningful relationship whether that is with your colleagues in the office, folks you are looking to do business with, and people that you might one day do business with! It's a small world and you never know when the next person you meet will be your next boss or employee! 

This year I had the privilege of working with what has become a great friend of mine! Mr. Frank Robinson of Island Events. We have created a strategic partnership that works in both our favors - not only have we generated a relationship as fellow entrepreneurs but as allies in the cut-throat world of events. We assist each other, represent each other, refer business because ultimately the more business we can generate for the both of us the better we both do in the long run. So, the question is why haven't you created strategic partnerships? 
Frank and I had a wonderful time working the Hawaiian booth at the IMEX America show in Vegas this past October. It was amazing to see Frank in action - he absolutely knows his stuff! I am always so impressed with the professionals in our industry that really work hard to shine - Frank shines because he is flawless. If you are looking for an amazing DMC/Planner on the islands of Aloha - Island Events is who you need to call. They serve all islands but if you are looking at the Big Island - then we get to partner on logistics, design, and creating an unforgettable event/conference for your attendees! 
So, I'll close with - until we see you on the island - ALOHA!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Mayor Eric Garcetti at the Orpheum!

We were proud to produce yet another event in Downtown Los Angeles featuring the still new Mayor of the City of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti at the beautiful and historic Orpheum Theatre this past October. 

This event introduced the new Mayor of Los Angeles to the business community in an intimate environment. After the VIP Reception, Steve Nissen of NBC Universal shared a few fun Hollywood facts about the Mayor while introducing him, including his big screen debut as LA's mayor!  
The Mayor was open and candid with his speech.  He talked about the changes that would be coming to Downtown Los Angeles and how we was proud to be a part of the ever changing landscape that the Revitalization of Downtown has offered.
One of the biggest topics of the morning was homelessness and how to combat it over the next few years.  It is a topic that encouraged lively discussions throughout the audience.   It will be an interesting to see the next chapter of what Downtown L.A. will go through with its new Mayor.
And. of course you can never miss an opportunity to take a pic with the Mayor. Here's a few of the heavy hitters in DTLA taking their pic!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

MUMTAZ Spring 2013 Highlight Reel!

Can't believe we missed posting this! It's our super cool Spring 2013 Highlight Reel. We are expanding and doing new things this Fall... Stay tuned this December for our Fall post! Special shout out to all of our amazing clients for allowing the opportunity to do what we do! And, to all of our vendor team members - couldn't do it without your help. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

GUEST BLOGGER: Hillary Harris - Adding Hollywood Magic to Special Events at Warner Bros. Studios

It's always incredible when you get to take time and really connect with fellow industry colleagues and especially those that have been doing what you're doing for so much longer! Loved meeting with Hillary and having established a true beginning to a wonderful new relationship above what's just professional. Here's to good friends and to an amazing blog post below! Thanks Hillary! 

Guest Blog by Hillary Harris
A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of having lunch on the lot with Joella Hopkins of Mumtaz Marketing & Events at the Warner Bros. Fine Dining Commissary. Over our lunch of the chef’s special crab cakes, gazpacho and burgers, we talked about everything. My favorite part of the lunch was when Joella told me the story of how she came by the word “mumtaz” for her company.

What was great about it was the way she pulled me into the story – describing everything in detail and engaging all the senses. I felt as if I was with her on her journey inside a pyramid in Egypt. I felt the heat of the desert and the cold dark environment inside the stone. I listened in the silence she described and felt the joy she felt when she emerged. And I understood the word, mumtaz; the exceptional experience – she encountered.

After our lunch, I thought a lot about that word and realized that mumtaz is something we are always creating on the lot -- the exceptional experience for our clients and their guests. Here are a few.

The backlot of Warner Bros. has many faces, from a steamy futuristic street in the vein of Blade Runner’s futuristic Asian look …
… to a wild, mod sixties lounge look. 
This is also New York Street, believe it or not! Video digital mapping allowed the studio façade to be completely transformed. As you can see, it’s surprising how easily locations with traditional architecture such as Brownstone and New York Streets can slip into something more exotic. With the right mood, décor and lighting, guests are swept away into another world with sight, sounds, feeling and taste, completely enveloping their senses.

And then some other locations are simply exotic on their own such as the jungle/lagoon area. 
Our lagoon can be drained, as it was here, to create a beautiful and wild setting in the middle of the city! This gorgeous event was the premiere for Game of Thrones. Or, the lagoon can remain filled for the perfect Twilight look, or Cajun Bayou.

Soundstages are a huge part of the studio experience and we are able to hold events on them between productions. Because it’s so unusual, the location immediately ensures a memorable, and well-attended, event. Who doesn’t want to have dinner on a working soundstage? Instant magic.
This event fell right between the wrap of a TV show and the start of a movie. It was the perfect venue for a hugely successful fund-raising event for Providence St. Joe’s.

And of course, there is the history of the lot – our 90th anniversary was this year in fact! To bring all this magic to the guest experience, events can begin at the SJR Theatre. Here, in the shadow of the famous water tower, a red carpet greeting and step-and-repeat wall can be done for charity, association and corporate events as well as Hollywood events. From here, it’s an easy few steps to Brownstone Street where so many iconic movies and TV shows have been filmed and where, as you’ve seen, event designers can create a multitude of fantastic looks.
After lunch, Joella enjoyed a VIP tour with me at the wheel of my studio golf cart (it’s the only way to get around the lot and a lot of fun as well). As she learned, Warner Bros. has many more locations for events – 13 in all. And we have several additions underway to the WB experience which I’ll be revealing in the coming months on my blog. So stay tuned. There’s a lot happening on the lot and I’m looking forward to sharing it all with you.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Did you miss it? Check out our latest Time-Lapse Video!!! Super Cool!

So, check out our latest time-lapse video! Nothing to say but WOW - go team! Thank you for kick ass yet again. Ready for a busy Fall! Here we go!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mumtaz at the 2013 L.A. Elected Officials Reception

This past July, Mumtaz had the pleasure of putting together the 2013 Elected Officials Reception at the Omni Los Angeles Hotel with delicious food and great drinks, all at the beat of 80’s music. Certainly a soirée to remember with about 500 guests! 

Most business leaders of the Downtown LA area joined us for this event, where they got to meet the newly elected and re-elected Los Angeles City Officials. Between the attendees were California State Senators Kevin de Leon and Alex Padilla; California State Assembly Members Raul Bocanegra, Adrin Nazarian and Reginald Jones-Sawyer, Sr; L.A. County Board of Supervisors Zev Yaroslavsky; LA City Attorney Mike Feuer and LA City Controller Ron Galperin.

It was a great opportunity to network, get to know our current elected officials and hear directly from them what innovative ideas are yet to take place in our beautiful city. Thank you to Ch2M Hill, Chase, Thomas Properties Group, Walmart, Arcadis, CaliforniaApartment Association, Comcast NBC Universal, Mayer Brown, Microsoft, Siemens and State Farm for sponsoring the event.  

Mumtaz would like to give special thanks to Red Carpet Systems, Kathy Faulk, Elaine Morales and Catherine Gibson from the Omni Hotel for helping make this event a great success.

Stay tuned for more Mumtaz news to come!