Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What a Birthday Bash!!!

We simply loved putting this special event together. On March 7th, Mumtaz Marketing &Events had the pleasure of celebrating Ms. Billie Greer’s rocking 75th birthday party at the gorgeous 32nd floor of the AT&T Center with about 300 of Billie’s relatives and close friends including many well known political figures. It was an evening to remember including outstanding views of Downtown and custom birthday surprises around each corner of the program.  
The celebration started with Billie’s grand entrance in a Harley Davidson motorcycle! Let's not talk about the hoops we had to go thru to get the approvals needed...
The charming Supervisor Don Knabe served as the MC for the evening where we had family members, elected and government officials, and civic engaged friends recognize Billie for her contributions to each of their respective works. Besides being a Harley Davidson babe, Billie loves the Opera so - we had a very special performance from the LA Opera... Ah-Maz-Ing!
Then to close the program we had none other than the USC Marching Band part the crowd... There's nothing like being up, close, and personal...
Billie thanked everyone for attending, blew out her custom cake candle, and went on to enjoy the evening! Guests got to enjoy none other than Patina's catering while they played with the photo booth featuring the Opera, USC Marching Band, etc.
And, of course as the sun went down the lighting went from nice to awesome! Especially with the city lights in the background... We even had colored gels shooting the outside of the building purple & red! 
It was such a pleasure to plan this truly special evening for Billie! What an amazing woman and what a pleasure to work with. Happy Birthday Billie!
This was just the beginning of a very dynamic March for the Mumtaz team! We will be back with more updates soon….
But, before we sign off we have to give special thanks to the team on site - Mary & Courtney! Thank you for all of your help! You guys were amazing to work with!