Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Mumtaz President earns her MBA!

We are so very excited to announce Mumtaz President, Joella Hopkins, earned her MBA in Marketing this past Fall. It was a wonderful feat of success, managing two businesses whiling attending school. Congrats Joella! You are a Phoenix!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Super Exciting - Night on Broadway January 31st!

Hey everyone... If you are local to the Los Angeles please mark your calendars for January 31st. We are looking at producing one amazing event! We will have 5 historical theatres in action - The Million, Tower, Palace, Los Angeles, and Globe! We got something programmed on almost every stage, then we are closing Broadway between 4th and 7th - Vintage Car Show, Food Truck Gallery, and Local Business Pop Up Shops! Come out and enjoy the evening celebrating the 7th Anniversary of Bringing Back Broadway!

For more information visit our Bringing Back Broadway Facebook Page

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Greenland Sales Office Opening

Continuing our efforts to update our blog with everything that's been happening over the last short bit of time...

Our next event to showcase is our Greenland USA Metropolis Project Sales Office Opening event with reception at Faith & Flower restaurant in downtown Los Angeles. The event previewed the newest major development and was exclusive to commercial and residential brokers. Below is Greenland USA Chair Ifei Chang and Central City Association's Carol Schatz addressing the group of brokers.

If you haven't been by Faith & Flower... You need to put it on your to do list. It's a gorgeous venue with amazing food.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Back from Hiatus! First Catch Up Post! Treasures of Los Angeles

So yeah - shame on us for our complete lack of keeping our Blog up to date. We've got it scheduled to be back up and running! So, here's our first catch up blog post. It features one of our longest standing client's annual events - it's the Treasures of Los Angeles. It was held at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites this past May.

This year's event was a bit more fun because we had to reinvent the wheel with a lesser budget, same program, and same venue. So, all we can say it thank goodness for lighting! We pushed the limits for our client's conservative taste and used more fun patterns in our lighting design.

In addition we were able to incorporate social media into the event for the first time... We used Eventstagram and used a dedicated hashtag to pull all of the tweets and posts with the hashtag. 

Because we used the super large plasma screen it was tons of fun finding the best pics to serve as backdrops at various times of the program.
We have to give thanks to all of our team and strategic partners for their total commitment in making this event happen! It's always astonishing to us how many people really touch an event of this size - our best guess is 500! Just think about it - from planner to dishwasher to videographer to association staff to hotel valet, etc... THANK YOU!

Friday, May 23, 2014

WTUI - Palm Springs - Loving the Air Museum!

This was our 6th year producing our client’s annual conference and with over 1100 conference attendees from over 20 countries represented.  It seems every year, that this conference grows a little bit more each year!  The conference  is for 4 days, from Sunday to Wednesday and features an 80,000 square foot exhibit hall, 4 breakout sessions and is a whirlwind for us all and this year was no different! 

Monday is always a huge hit from the spouse to the Monday Night Reception event.  This year, the Spouse Tour was a great way to talk the spouses on an adventure in Jeeps with Desert Adventures.  The spouses were taken on a personalized tour of the Palm Springs Canyons in a Jeep followed by a hike through the canyons.  They experienced and learned about the source of the Springs in Palm Springs, the traditions of the Native Indians where the canyons were discovered and the area’s vegetation and florals. 

When it came to their Monday Night event, this year was themed “WTUI Top Gun Academy” and was an event that will soon not be forgotten.  Held at the Palm Springs Museum , it was a HUGE hit for the guests, the Board of Directors and Officers. Taking up both hangars of the Palm Springs Air Museum was no small feat.  With over 1000 people attending the event, both hangars were filled with people, airplanes and historical artifacts.   One hangar was dubbed “The 40’s Hangar”, where we featured Andrews Sisters singers on the Bob Hope Stage surrounded by planes and artifacts from the 1940’s and 1950’s.  The other hangar “The Top Gun Hangar” featured 80’s music, and more recent planes featured in major motion pictures. 

Outside of the hangars, lined up ready for their close up, was over 20 planes for our guests to view and talk with docents who actually flew these planes from WWII to the most present planes, of Desert Storm. 

You know you pulled off a fantastic event, when the client says, “… I agree that the team of Mumtaz Marketing & Events being led by Jennifer, pulled off one of the best ‘Monday Reception’ events in the history that I have been attending WTUI!” 

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Proud to Support LGBTwed

Mumtaz Marketing & Events is proud to support LGBTwed! It's the premier luxury LGBT weddings magazine hitting news stands across the U.S. and Canada!
LGBTwed officially launched in April and had their launch party at The Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. It was a blast! Molly Ann captured the event and our awesome Red Carpet was presented by Red Carpet Systems. In addition, Snap Yourself hosted a fun photo booth!
We hope you will keep an eye out and support LGBTwed! The LGBTwed Team!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

2014 Celebrating Leadership Annual Awards Dinner - LWVLA

The League of Women Voters of Los Angeles (LWVLA) celebrated their annual Leadership awards dinner at the Taglyan Complex in Los Angeles, on Thursday March 20th. 

This year's honorees were Jean Thomson (Founders' Award), Helen B. Kim of Thompson Coburn & Carolyn Leighton Founder of WITI (Carrie Chapman Catt Award), and Ralphs Grocery Company (Corporate Leadership Award). All of our attendees came to support, participate, and overall celebrate engagement of civic action. 

This year's event we tried something new - a Giving Tree as our centerpieces... Well, we didn't do trees and with a budget we did small orchid plants and tied "money notes" to them. When we did the Live Ask we asked people to pull the money notes and raise them up and we would come around to charge them out! Believe it or not, people loved the idea and we raised a bunch of funds for the organization. Then, the person who gave the most at the table got to take home their orchid. 
Oh, did we mention we were at the Taglyan - I have to say what an amazing place, great staff, wonderful food and love the internal decor! This was a terrific place! Highly recommend!
Some of our honorees with Wendy Burch of KTLA who served as our Program Host. She has been helping the organization now for three years and every year - we just love her more and more! 

What a wonderful evening! Special thanks to our team for their hard work. Looking forward to next year's!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Frank Robinson - Island Events " three words" DMC!

I was honored when recently asked to be a guest blogger for Mumtaz Marketing, Joella Hopkins has long been both a friend and someone I admire from both a personal and professional level.

My name is Frank Robinson, I own and operate Island Events,  a luxury based Destination Management Company ( DMC) based in Hawaii.

For those of you not sure of what a DMC actually does  I urge you to visit the ADMEI (Association of Destination management Executives International) for a better definition, but we are, simply put:  a professional services company, possessing extensive local knowledge, expertise and resources, specializing in he design and implementation of events activities, tours transportation and program logistics. In short SPECIALISTS. 

Often times people will ask us - “why do I need a DMC, won’t my venue do all of the things you offer?” The response is a clear and concise NO. I can assure you with 20 years of experience working in luxury hotels as a catering manager and DOC , there is no way I could have ever done all that a DMC could offer our clients, and my own job at the same time.

Venues such as resorts and hotels are (hopefully) experts at managing their property or “footprint”, some are not and we help there too. We are able to be an extension of the venue or hotel when guests are off property. We work as a liaison for our client to partner with the best and most appropriate industry vendors available. We have volume contracts with many, so often times we can actually save you money.

      In Hawaii we generally manage corporate incentive programs that are 4 and 5 days in duration, but often  DMC’s in many cities manage individualized single evening events that might prove too complex for the standard event planner.

   Here is the thing, if you are planning a stand alone event at a local venue that requires decor,  lighting, entertainment or catering, then a great and professional event company like Mumtaz would be an ideal option for assistance - they ROCK! However when you add complexities to the event such as holding it in a city far away from where you are based, managing individual and group transportation, hotel accommodations,  registration staffing, activities, VIP services, security, marketing, permitting, airport hospitality services, insurances and often to a multi day program - a good DMC is the best friend you can find!  We are able to assist and manage all of the program elements - often times partnering with an event or marketing company like Mumtaz to manage the elements we would need to outsource. Think of us like you might a general contractor when building a house, managing all of the elements through subcontractors to deliver the the finished product - an amazing experience for your guests!


     So why partner with a DMC?  We are experts in the areas we live and work in; this equates to many benefits for our clients such as savings related to time, finances and expenses, ROI on experiences and a sense of security  as we help you overt or manage your way through the day to day stresses of operating events .  

I am blessed to live and work in one of the worlds most desirable locations, Hawaii. There are few places on earth as pretty with all of the luxuries, sensibilities and amenities as one could find in any other american city. I could go on and on about what we do but I thought some photographs might be a better way to share our story . . . 

                       Enjoy and A Hui Ho!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

LWVLA Leadership Awards Dinner

The League of Women’s Voters of Los Angeles, Educational Fund, celebrated their annual Leadership Awards Dinner on Thursday, March 21, 2013 at the Intercontinental Hotel in Century City.  This year’s Award Recipient were Ms. Renee Chacon, Founders Award, Barbara Jacobs, Business and Community Leader, and Ricardo Sanchez, El Vacilon de Mandril, Latino Radio Personality. Of course Mumtaz Marketing and Events had to be behind the scenes putting together this great celebration. It was a busy night with a very successful silent auction filled with great company and lots of fun!
It was a fantastic night where honorees, attendees and organizers of the event joined in celebrating the hard work of this year’s honorees, who contributed so much to further develop our beautiful city of Los Angeles.  Isn’t it wonderful to know that such great efforts are not overlooked and are highly valued by members of our community? This was yet another great opportunity to see some of the good people of Los Angeles shine through their work. 

 Here is a recap of the success of the Silent Auction awards dinner.

 Banquet Hall  
Promote on Social Media  
Ricardo Sanchez  &  El Mandril 
MC Wendy Burch KTLA
Silent Auction Table
 League of Women Voters of Los Angeles 2013 Celebrating Leadership Awards
Photo credits:  Emily Ivey
The proceeds from Leadership Awards Dinner benefited the LWVLA Education Fund, a 501 organization that raises funds to help the organization provide educational programs and services to the community.
  Stay tuned for more Mumtaz updates  :)

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