Friday, May 23, 2014

WTUI - Palm Springs - Loving the Air Museum!

This was our 6th year producing our client’s annual conference and with over 1100 conference attendees from over 20 countries represented.  It seems every year, that this conference grows a little bit more each year!  The conference  is for 4 days, from Sunday to Wednesday and features an 80,000 square foot exhibit hall, 4 breakout sessions and is a whirlwind for us all and this year was no different! 

Monday is always a huge hit from the spouse to the Monday Night Reception event.  This year, the Spouse Tour was a great way to talk the spouses on an adventure in Jeeps with Desert Adventures.  The spouses were taken on a personalized tour of the Palm Springs Canyons in a Jeep followed by a hike through the canyons.  They experienced and learned about the source of the Springs in Palm Springs, the traditions of the Native Indians where the canyons were discovered and the area’s vegetation and florals. 

When it came to their Monday Night event, this year was themed “WTUI Top Gun Academy” and was an event that will soon not be forgotten.  Held at the Palm Springs Museum , it was a HUGE hit for the guests, the Board of Directors and Officers. Taking up both hangars of the Palm Springs Air Museum was no small feat.  With over 1000 people attending the event, both hangars were filled with people, airplanes and historical artifacts.   One hangar was dubbed “The 40’s Hangar”, where we featured Andrews Sisters singers on the Bob Hope Stage surrounded by planes and artifacts from the 1940’s and 1950’s.  The other hangar “The Top Gun Hangar” featured 80’s music, and more recent planes featured in major motion pictures. 

Outside of the hangars, lined up ready for their close up, was over 20 planes for our guests to view and talk with docents who actually flew these planes from WWII to the most present planes, of Desert Storm. 

You know you pulled off a fantastic event, when the client says, “… I agree that the team of Mumtaz Marketing & Events being led by Jennifer, pulled off one of the best ‘Monday Reception’ events in the history that I have been attending WTUI!” 

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